Calling You to Pray
For Our Nation

Sunday, July 1 for Call2Fall
Followed by
31 days of prayer for our nation

Tony Perkins,
President, Family Research Council

  • "America cannot prosper without God's blessing; Those who are part of the Household of faith must urgently embrace the promise of 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  • It seems appropriate for Sunday, July 1 to be a day for God's people, in churches all over America, to fall on our knees before a holy and gracious God.
  • Help make Call2Fall a meaningful time of humble prayer and repentance for the sake of our nation.
  • Let's additionally partner with my friend Dr. Ronnie Floyd and the National Day of Prayer team for "31 Days of Prayer For My Nation" during the entire month of July."

Ronnie Floyd,
President, National Day of Prayer

  • "Let's believe God to use our recent National Day of Prayer gatherings in May as a "catalyst" for a rhythm of United prayer throughout the year.
  • Let's continue our UNITY theme through 31 Days of Prayer For My Nation during the entire month of July
  • Let's serve into the Call2Fall prayer initiative in churches throughout our Nation beginning on Sunday, July 1, 2018"

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