Jesus-followers find hope in the midst of their culture's symptoms, when they engage in a rhythm of unified, prevailing prayer!

Below you will find a Prayer Strategy for each month of the year, designed to help you create a rhythm of prayer year round.


Prayer is a conversation: Most people think communication with God through a vibrant life of prayer isn't possible or is only for "super Christians." Conversation with God shares spiritual insights and provides a clear path for all people to experience a deeper relationship with God through prayer. Imagine a small group learning to:
  • Know the voice of God through constant conversation. 
  • Participate with God in His love and work for humanity. 
  • Recognize God's daily presence in your life and commune with Him. 
02.27.20:  National Collegiate Day of Prayer
If we win the spiritual battles across our nation but neglect our college campuses, all our progress will be undone in a generation. Therefore, students today need our support and earnest prayers.

Find out more and get involved here!
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for and with those who care for children—nurses and physicians, workers in pregnancy care centers, adoption, foster care, day care and preschool teachers, social workers and counselors—asking God to set them apart in this critical work.


02.26.20—04.05.20. Pray powerful prayers of biblical hope for the people of your community.

The 40-day prayer guide opens the way to pray God’s desires and purposes for our cities and communities. These prayers of biblical hope help ordinary people pray extraordinary prayers. Join with thousands of churches beginning February 26, 2020.
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Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for and with pre-married and married couples, teens, and college students, asking God to protect and strengthen their relationships.


05.07.20: National Day of Prayer

The National Day of Prayer is an annual observance held on the first Thursday of May, inviting people of all faiths to pray for the nation. It was created in 1952 by a joint resolution of the United States Congress, and signed into law by President Harry S. Truman. Find out more and get involved here.
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for Church Leaders: denominations, and church network leaders, Christian college and seminary administrators and professors, para-church ministry leaders, pastors, youth and children's leaders.


31 Days of Prayer:  Use this resource as part of your rhythm of prayer throughout the year and/or to empower a small group!
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Monthly Prayer Point: Gather your prayer ministry team, intercessors, deacons, elders— and their families. Pray over them as they contribute to your church  being a “house of prayer” (Isaiah 56:7).


Call2Fall – 06.28.20: Imagine the effect this choice will make when individually and corporately, all of the Christ followers in our nation say, "I will answer God's call to fall on my knees in humility and seek His face in repentance so that He might forgive my sins and heal our land."

Join the nation in prayer this June. Find out more here, on how to organize a Call2Fall Event at your church.
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for educators, teachers, administrators, childcare workers, coaches, and volunteers who serve our children, asking that God would impart truth through all they do.


Claim Your Campus 2020 is a moment for 100,000 middle and high school students to meet with God, July 3-5, 2020. Students will be trained and equipped to begin prayer groups, share their faith effectively, and care deeply for their schools.  Stand with us in Kansas by registering for this historic event!

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Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for imparting faith to children and youth as parents are equipped by the church to become primary disciplers of their children.


Promise Keepers Dallas 2020
Light a fire in your life that won’t stop burning for Christ. Rise up and seize your destiny as a man of God at Promise Keepers’ next national stadium event, July 31-August 1, 2020 in the Dallas-Ft-Worth area. Join 85,000+ guys for unforgettable worship and teaching.

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Monthly Prayer Point: Pray together asking God to restore morality, ethical foundations, and accountability among leaders of the church, government, business and politics and so much more.


Cry Out: Learn to:
  • Look up when everything around you is falling apart.
  • Call out to the Lord in humility and brokenness.
  • Yield fully to the working and empowerment of His Spirit, rather than rely on your own power.
  • Enter into bold and believing prayer for yourself, loved ones and the world around you.
  • More deeply embrace the possibilities and calling of co-laboring with Jesus to live out his mission.

Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for those in authority: Our President, cabinet members, and Supreme Court; pray for your Governor, Senators, U.S. Congressman and state officials; pray for local officials and law enforcement, the judiciary and first responders.
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for those who serve in social services through government agencies and community non-profits. Pray for all those who volunteer in serving the vulnerable, needy, children, shut-ins, and the elderly.


Lift Your Pastor

Pick up a FREE copy of this book and give it to a friend . Vulnerably, ask them to support and care for you by going through this resource.
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for those in authority: Our President, cabinet members, and Supreme Court; pray for your Governor, Senators, U.S. Congressman and state officials; pray for local officials and law enforcement, the judiciary and first responders.


International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
Mark your calendars, gather your friends, your neighbors, your church, and intercede for our brothers and sisters around the world!
Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for prayer partner teams who provide daily prayer covering their pastors and families.


Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for those who labor faithfully in community agencies, hospitals, clinics, shelters, rehab, and non-profits, serving those in need asking for His strength and grace as they impart hope, help and healing.


Monthly Prayer Point: Pray for families, churches, and communities to rally together for the “Year of the Bible” as God’s people intentionally engage with Scripture and put feet to our prayers as we boldly share God’s love and Truth with others every day of the year.