The Empowered 21 Global Task Force on discipleship has developed age-stage outcomes in four different dimensions of what a Spirit-Empowered Disciple looks like—their identity. Critical to the development of these outcomes is the following guiding principle:

Spirit-empowered discipleship outcomes must be relational and impossible to realize apart from a special work of the Spirit.”

Entering into the Assessment involves two paths:
1) For Leaders- when a leader is ready to learn how to launch the Assessment process for their group.
2) For Individuals - (a) when individuals from a group want to anonymously share their assessment results, OR (b) when leaders want to try out the assessment for themselves first.
3) Educations - special access granted to educational leaders for campus and classroom mentoring.

... to begin the process of launching an assessment for your group, e.g., a church or class.
... to take the assessment to anonymously share with your group, or try out the assessment if you are a leader, e.g., a pastor or mentor.