My Impact Experience

Students CAN learn the Biblical skills for a vibrant relationship with God and committed relationships with others! This generation CAN have life-changing encounters with Jesus. We just have to show them how. This resource helps move from a culture of “doing church” to a genuine, life-giving community that’s ready to BE the Church.
The Student Impact journal is filled with contributions from over 40 leaders in the Church today. These authors help students process various topics such as:
  • Meditate on topics that challenge every leader...
  • Leading with Courage
  • Hearing God's Call
  • Leading with Humility
  • Staying Focused
  • Being a Team Player
  • Resolving Conflict Effectively
  • Personal Integrity

Impact Bible and Student Devotional

The Impact Student Leadership Bible is a great resource to equip young leaders today. It presents hundreds of articles, notes and study aids aimed at developing a balanced, healthy Christian worldview. Readers discover strong, Scripturally based understanding of kingdom life, servanthood, and God's planned destiny. This Bible provides tools and resources to equip, empower, and enable young men and women to make a differnece in their world and walk with confidence in their respective callings. Features the trusted NKJV translations. 

Features include:
  • Leadership Realities: articles offering practical resources for developing character and leadership skills
  • Through the Grid: articles offering insight into the world from a Biblical perspective
  • Leadership Issues: articles from influential leaders dealing with key topics facing young people.
  • Inside the Influencers: articles highlighting lessons from leaders in the Bible
  • What You Want to Know, But Don't Know Who to Ask: answers to tough topics and questions about life.
  • Book Introductions: introductions to each Book of the Bible, highlighting key passages for successful kingdom life.

Whisper Initiative

More content coming soon!

"To Save a Life" Kit Curriculum

Based on the To Save A Life movie. This 7-week study is designed to help teens fall in love with God and begin acting out their faith as Jesus would - by reaching out to the lost, left out, hurting and lonely on their school campuses. 

The Curriculum kit includes:
  • Leader's Guide with messages, activities, group questions and tips for seven sessions
  • Resource DVD with movie clips, testimonials and instructions from the author
  • Devo2Go Devotional
  • Resource CD with PowerPoint slides, handouts & more!
  • Invitational tools
  • To Save a Life Novel

Legacy Academics
Faith-based & Community-based versions

This course provides an opportunity to form a school and family partnership that enhances students’ academic, social and emotional learning. As educators and parents collaborate, they optimize conditions for learning and success. This is why the Connecting Relationships course is designed to equip students with skills for developing healthy relationships with peers and adults. 
"Schools could make a tremendous contribution if they had a ‘curriculum for caring.’ A regular part of the curriculum beginning in the elementary grades should be learning about caring by actually giving care under adult supervision… I believe that a curriculum for caring should be one of the basics."
– Dr. Urie Bronfenbrenner, Cornell 

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