31 Days of Prayer

For My Pastor

Prayer for your pastor can change your church, your pastor, and you!

In a world and culture that is constantly changing day-by-day, the need for godly  faithful pastors couldn’t be more pressing. Church members need care, counsel, wisdom and direction. And people outside the church need the gospel. These demands create unique pressures for every pastor.
Jesus is praying for your pastor…will you join Him? It will change your life!

Small Group Kit

As Jesus-followers, we need wise, humble, Spirit-empowered leaders to help us navigate the complexities of this world. That’s why we invite you to be part of praying for your pastor!

What's included?

  • 8 copies of the book, 31 Days of Prayer for My Pastor
  • 2 copies of the book, Lift Your Pastor
  • 1 downloadable 50 Ways to Bless Your Pastor —a resource to help give you and your church members ideas for how to encourage your pastor.
  • The Spirit-Empowered Faith Set:
    • A brochure explaining the Spirit-Empowered Faith content
    • 40 Outcomes of a Spirit-empowered disciple of Jesus
    • Self-Assessment tool to measure the 40 outcomes in your own life and those in your small group
    • 12 teaching outlines on Spirit-empowered Faith that can be used as sermon guides or leader notes

  • A practical resource for pastor appreciation efforts!

  • Engage inspirational devotions.
  • Enjoy true stories from pastors
  • Understand some key research findings to help you better know your pastor.
  • Declare scriptures, prayers, and promises over your pastor.

Leaders around the nation are calling YOU to pray for your pastor!

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